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Tips to Reduce Anxiety for Adults with Autism During a Doctor's Visit

Published: May 10, 2017 | Last modified: May 10, 2017
"My objective is to improve health care services for adults with ASD, which can ultimately enhance both short- and long-term outcomes for this vulnerable and underserved population"...Read more of this helpful article by clicking on the link below: https://psychcentral.com/news/201...

The Secret to Remembering Your Vacation Better!

Published: May 9, 2017 | Last modified: May 9, 2017
Vacation Plans? Check out this interesting article from Psychology Today in learning ways to remembering your vacation better! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-wandering-mind/201705/the-secret-remembering-your-vacation-better ...

Helping Other People WithTheir Problems Helps You Too

Published: May 4, 2017 | Last modified: May 4, 2017
Check out this informative article on the benefits of helping others! It makes perfect sense. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/ulterior-motives/201705/helping-other-people-their-problems-helps-you-too ...

9 Ways to Test and Improve Your Emotional Control

Published: May 3, 2017 | Last modified: May 3, 2017
Learn more about how to improve your emotional control by checking out this article from Psychology Today! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201704/9-ways-test-and-improve-your-emotional-control ...

Embrace May!

Published: May 2, 2017 | Last modified: May 2, 2017
Read more about this article about how to embrace May with celebrations, gratitudes, and marches! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/love-and-gratitude/201705/31-ways-embrace-may-celebrations-gratitude-and-marches ...

When Students Pay Attention in Class, Their Brains are in Sync

Published: Apr 28, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 28, 2017
How interesting is this article? ..."Your brainwaves 'ride' on top of the sound waves or light patterns in the outside world, and the more you pay attention to these temporal patterns, the more your brain locks to those patterns." Check out this article to learn more! https://www.scie...

What's your favorite song?

Published: Apr 26, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 26, 2017
Check out this interesting article to learn more about how music affects your brain! https://psychcentral.com/news/ 2017/04/17/this-is-your-brain- on-music/119216.html ...

Need a Midday Energy Boost?

Published: Apr 25, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 25, 2017
Before reaching out for your favorite caffeinated beverage, check out this interesting article from Psychology Today! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201704/need-midday-energy-boost-skip-the-caffeine-take-walk ...

America's New 'Anxiety' Disorder

Published: Apr 20, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 20, 2017
Check out this interesting article by The New York Times! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/18/magazine/americas-new-anxiety-disorder.html?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FMental%20Health%20and%20Disorders&action=click&contentCollection=health&region=stream&module=stream_unit&a...

Raising Awareness about Depression in Teens

Published: Apr 19, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 19, 2017
Check out this informative article from Mental Health America on how to recognize and treat Adolescent Depression! http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/conditions/depression-teens ...
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