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Our Brains Synchronize During a Conversation

Published: Jul 21, 2017 | Last modified: Jul 21, 2017
Check out this interesting article. Click on the link below! https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/07/170720095035.htm ...

Preparing 'Emerging Adults' for College and Beyond

Published: Jul 11, 2017 | Last modified: Jul 11, 2017
Check out this interesting article from The New York Times to learn more about how to assist youth in smoothly transitioning into their futures! "These (exposure) tasks help them validate themselves and not be scared to ask for what they want," Dr. Ginsberg said. "In essence, these ta...

Talking About My Feelings Helps Me

Published: Jul 7, 2017 | Last modified: Jul 7, 2017
As therapists, we totally agree. Check out this great article! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/talking-about-my-feelings-helps-me_us_594935a2e4b04d8767077bea?utm_hp_ref=mental-health ...

Six Ways Developmental Trauma Shapes Adult Identity

Published: Jul 5, 2017 | Last modified: Jul 5, 2017
Check out this informative article from Psychology Today regarding trauma and adult identity. Click on the link below! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/experimentations/201707/six-ways-developmental-trauma-shapes-adult-identity ...

Growing Evidence of Link Between Gut Bacteria and Autism

Published: Jun 29, 2017 | Last modified: Jun 29, 2017
Very interesting article from Psych Central. Check out the link below! https://psychcentral.com/news/2017/06/20/growing-evidence-of-link-between-gut-bacteria-autism/122188.html ...

How to Make Memories Stick

Published: Jun 23, 2017 | Last modified: Jun 23, 2017
Check out this interesting article to learn more about making memories! https://psychcentral.com/news/2017/06/23/how-to-make-memories-stick/122332.html ...

Teaching Kids Mental Health Skills Can Ease Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts

Published: Jun 21, 2017 | Last modified: Jun 21, 2017
Check out this great article by Psych Central! https://psychcentral.com/news/2017/06/21/teaching-kids-mental-health-skills-can-ease-anxiety-suicidal-thoughts/122237.html ...

5 Things You Must Do if You’ve Been Emotionally Neglected

Published: Jun 16, 2017 | Last modified: Jun 16, 2017
" "Imagine a person who feels invisible making a difficult decision, "I won't be invisible any more. Imagine that person beginning to believe that he matters, and acting that way. Imagine that person asserting his needs, connecting with people, learning to express himself. "I'm just...

Court Files Raise Questions: Was Dylann Roof Competent to Defend Himself?

Published: Jun 9, 2017 | Last modified: Jun 9, 2017
"He exhibited disturbingly introverted behavior from an early age - playing alone, never starting conversations - but received little treatment for what defense experts later concluded was autism and severe social anxiety, with precursor symptoms of psychosis." Very interesting articl...

Colleges Get Proactive in Addressing Depression on Campus

Published: Jun 8, 2017 | Last modified: Jun 8, 2017
"The fact that students are struggling with anxiety and depression is real," said Thomas C. Shandley, Dean of Students for Davidson College in North Carolina. "It took a while to reach college campuses, and now it's here."...Click on the link below by the New York Times to learn more abou...
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